If you are willing to put in the work, we give you everything you need to be successful in your career with us. We never stop learning, growing and striving for success here at Township. If this sounds like a team you’d like to be a part of, check below to see the all positions we are looking to fill. If you don’t see an opening that fits your “dream job” criteria? No sweat! Apply with us anyway! We’re constantly scouring our pool of qualified candidates when positions are becoming available.

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It's Not Just a Career. It's a Calling.

At Township Chevrolet Buick GMC, our Vision is to build a community of devoted fans. Our Mission is to provide the best vehicle ownership experience by creating the greatest environment for people to learn, experience, buy, and look after their investment. We do this by following our five Core Values: Continuous Improvement - Aspire for greatness, strive for excellence, and be relentless in pursuing incremental improvements; Integrity - We choose to be a positive impact on every customer interaction by doing the right thing, especially when it’s uncomfortable; Congeniality - To support the best ownership experience requires us to treat others warmly, generously, and to foster a neighbourly environment; Ownership - We take personal responsibility for our actions, mistakes, quality of work, and our team. No matter what; and Dignity - Through hard work and dedication, is how we demonstrate our appreciation for our team, ourselves, our community, and the loyal customers we serve.

Why work with the #1 Automotive Dealership on Prince Edward Island


We set every new hire up for success with a complete 180-day onboarding and training plan. You’ll know right from day one what you need to learn over the course of the first 6 months at Township and who can help you get there.

Benefits & Discounts

We offer customizable group benefits/insurance packages, company matching RRSPs and employee discounts on new & used vehicles, parts, accessories and service.

Growth & Advancement

We believe in providing our employees with the right resources and tools they’ll need to be successful in their role. We support our employees by offering programs and opportunities whose only focus is the continued progress of their careers.

Training and Skill Development

We have daily coaching, weekly group training, onsite & off-site training opportunities and on-going training and development in all departments.

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Apprentice Technician Wanted Who's Hungry to Learn

The Apprentice Technician we’re looking to add to our team is a service minded team player who has a strong sense of duty and a passion for accuracy.  The selfless, process-oriented individual methodically handles each task, striving to perfect everything they learn.  Are you someone who has some experience working with vehicles and would like to expand that skillset in a professional environment that gives you all the tools and support to eventually evolve into a certified automotive technician?  If so, this could be the “foot-in-the-door” opportunity you’ve been looking for.

At Township, our Apprentice Technicians start off learning how to perform all basic routine maintenance services such as oil changes, tire changes, brake services, replace filters and perform multi-point health inspections.  From there, we’ll move you on to a learning path that will teach you how to do some light repair work such as steering repairs, suspension and module programming.  After that, you will work your way towards performing basic diagnostic work and be exposed to more in-depth repairs and so on.  

We will work closely with you to ensure you have adequate training, experience and hours to start your journey towards the Automotive Apprenticeship Program and eventually become a Red Seal Certified technician.

We have processes in place and sure-fire methods to our madness but we’ll bring you right up to speed on how we do things at Township.  If you’re looking for a place that promotes skill development, continuous learning and a place that is more than happy to support you on your journey to becoming a certified automotive technician, look no further than Township Chevrolet. 

Position Overview

  • Job Type: Apprentice Technician, Automotive Technician
  • Work Hours: Full Time Monday- Friday 7AM-5PM
  • Salary: $17-$19/hour
  • Training: On the job and ongoing training provided
  • Physical Requirements: Regularly carrying and lifting heavy wheels and tires.  Standing for extended periods of time.
  • Education: High School or GED
  • Experience: Basic automotive experience would be considered an asset
  • Other: Valid Drivers License

Business Manager Wanted Who is a Natural Problem Solver

The Business Manager we’re looking to add to our team is someone who is highly driven, analytical, assertive, and can easily pick up the pace to get the job done.  The Business Manager we seek is someone who appreciates structure and process. The person we want will leave no possible stone unturned when it comes to getting customers into their dream vehicles.  Are you someone who is looking for a fulfilling career move that allows you to be a part of the customer’s buying journey for one of the largest purchases of their lives?  How about a career that encourages you to set professional goals and gives you all the means to accomplish them?  If this sounds of interest to you, great! Keep on reading.

Business Managers at Township are the experts in all things finance and warranty related. They work quick and deliberate when it comes to finding the right solution for their customers’ needs. It could be picking up the phone to one of the various lenders Township works with to address any comments, questions or concerns to finalize your customer’s financing.  It could be working hard to tailor both financial and vehicle protection solutions that best suit the specific customer needs based on their specific situation and lifestyle.  Our Business Managers thrive on challenges by solving problems that help more customers get into vehicles and protect their purchases.

We’ll train the right capable individual how to be a winning Business Manager at Township. If you’re looking for that fast-paced work environment that allows you to work independently, gives you the ability to continue to learn and grow, all while compensating you for beating industry standards, stop looking and apply today.

Position Overview

  • Job Type: Business Manager, Finance Manager, Finance & Insurance Manager, Financial Services Manager
  • Work Hours: Full Time 
  • Salary: $40,000 draw/commission based (average yearly earnings $70,000)
  • Training: On the job and formal training provided
  • Physical Requirements: None
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent Experience
  • Experience: 3-5 years of professional sales would be considered an asset
  • Other: Valid Drivers License

Detailing Specialist Wanted to Deliver Perfection

The Detailing Specialist we want on our team is someone who can work well in a fast-paced environment, has a great attention to detail and won’t rest until the task at hand is completed.    If you’re someone who is self-starting, who enjoys working with your hands and is very particular when it comes to ensuring things are clean and orderly, this could be the perfect job for you.

Our Detailing Specialists are responsible for making sure every vehicle that goes through the detail bays meet the highest of standards when it comes to cleanliness, both inside and out.  They are our go-to team to carry out all services that are on our extensive detail menu from basic cleans, to hand waxing vehicles to scratch and polish removal and more.  They ensure every new vehicle looks its best before the customer takes ownership and they thoroughly clean every used vehicle that comes through the shop before it hits the lot.  Our Detail Specialists play an important behind-the-scenes role with both sales and service departments, having a direct impact on the customer’s overall satisfaction with the dealership.

Our Detailing Department has everything you’ll ever need at your disposal to get the job done right and within a timely manner.  We just need the right person who has the same high standards for efficiency and cleanliness as we do.  If you’re looking for a low-stress job that allows you to be hands on with a variety of vehicles on a daily basis, look not further and apply with us today.

Position Overview

  • Job Type: Automotive Detailing, Car Cleaning 
  • Work Hours: Full Time 40-45 hours/week
  • Salary: $17-$19/hour
  • Training for the Position: On the job provided
  • Physical Requirements: Able to stand for long periods of time. Job requires working outside in the elements to move vehicles.
  • Education: None
  • Experience: None
  • Other: Driver’s License & Clean Driver’s Abstract required.  Must be comfortable driving large pick ups.

Part Time Receptionist Needed to Go the Extra Mile

The Receptionist we want is friendly, well coordinated, a bit of a perfectionist and provides nothing short of stellar customer service.  If you’re the type of person who thrives on completing various tasks, has a great attention for detail and accuracy and isn’t afraid of talking on the phone or meeting new people, this could be your calling. If your ideal workday consists of constantly being around people, supporting your colleagues by playing a vital administrative role, all while going above and beyond to assist customers, this career opportunity may be perfect for you. 

At Township, our Receptionists are exceptional at connecting customers to the right people within the dealership.  As the Receptionist, you are the first point of contact for many of our sales customers as they walk through the doors, showing them where to go.  You are also the person who handles every call that comes into the dealership, answering questions and ensuring all calls and messages get directed to the right department or appropriate person.  You are the communication pipeline between customers and the dealership. 

You also work closely with all departments, handling various administrative duties throughout the day.  You manage the key room, create new and used vehicle files, sign out dealership plates and arrange drivers for vehicle deliveries and pickups.  You organize files, keep the coffee station clean and stocked, and process payments after hours for the Service Department.  These are just a few of your daily tasks as a receptionist at Township. 

Do you have experience working in the automotive industry?  If not, that’s no problem! We’ll train our Receptionist in all things Township.  It’s that team player mentality and the passion for helping people that we’re looking for.  If this sounds like the right career move for you, apply with us today!

Position Overview

  • Job Type: Reception, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, Customer Service
  • Work Hours: Part Time - Monday 4PM-8PM, Tuesday & Wednesday 4PM-7PM, Thursday 4PM-8PM and every second Saturday 8AM-430PM
  • Salary: $16/hour
  • Training: On the job and formal training provided
  • Physical Requirements: None
  • Education: High School
  • Experience: 1 year of customer service experience.  Strong typing skills & knowledge of Microsoft Excel are considered an asset.
  • Other: Valid Drivers License

Passionate Content Creator & Social Media Specialist Wanted to Drive Engagement

The friendly, energetic Content Creator & Social Media Specialist we want at Township is someone who is not afraid to use their resourcefulness and storytelling skills when it comes to creating top-notch content.  The naturally persuasive, somewhat particular individual we’re looking for enjoys coordinating and collaborating with their colleagues to bring the vision of the dealership and its brand to life.  If you’re someone who has some videography, photography and social media skills and thrives on building relationships through various platforms with your content, we would love to hear from you.

At Township, the Content Creator and Social Media Specialist works closely with the Marketing Manager to develop social media strategies, finding ways to increase our following across all social platforms and drive more traffic to our website.  You will do this by working with all departments in the dealership as well as local communities, businesses, organizations and events to create content that is engaging and tells a story. 

In this role, you'll have creative freedom to design eye-catching graphics for online ads, produce engaging social media content using your fellow coworkers and help develop social media and email campaigns.  Other key tasks and projects include updating all promotional and point-of-purchase material in and around the dealership, creating design for local advertising (such as rink boards, Summerside Area Baseball Association, community event, etc.), ensure all staff have had their photo taken for the website and business cards and make updates to the website and social media accounts when needed. 

If you're ready to take your digital marketing skills to the next level and be part of a team dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences, we want to hear from you! We don’t expect you to have automotive industry knowledge – just a great attitude, strong work ethic, a commitment to learning and growing, and you’ll fit right in. 

Position Overview

  • Job Type: Content Creator, Social Media, Marketing, Advertising
  • Work Hours: Full Time (Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM, some Saturdays may be required)
  • Salary: Starting at $17 based on experience 
  • Training for the Position: On the job and formal training provided
  • Physical Requirements: None
  • Education: Minimum diploma in Marketing, Business Administration or a similar field
  • Experience: Portfolio or track record of managing social media accounts would be considered an asset
  • Other: Valid Drivers License & be willing to travel to Woodstock New Brunswick at least once per quarter to our sister dealership

Problem Solving Technician Needed for Success

The Automotive Service Technician we’re looking to join our team is someone who is a self-starting, technical problem solver who never backs down from a challenging task.  The driven, resourceful, proactive individual we want is someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty (literally and figuratively).  If you’re looking to make the switch to a shop that values dedication, collaboration and commitment to growth and learning, while allowing you to continue to hone in on your craft, look no further than Township.

The Technicians at Township are well-versed in all things automotive.   You are no stranger when it comes to performing various types of diagnostics and troubleshooting to nail down the root cause of a vehicle’s issue.  Whether it be tackling something tricky with a transmission, working on a difficult electrical issue or swapping out an entire engine, once the problem has been identified, you know exactly what is needed to get the repair completed within or under industry timelines. 

Our technicians are sticklers when it comes to quality control and work closely with the front-line service staff, ensuring every repair order accurately reflects the job that was completed.  Since you have an appreciation for policies and procedures, you ensure all your work follows the manufacturer’s guidelines and the work coincides with the provincial government safety regulations.  At the end of the day, you treat every vehicle as if it belongs to your closest loved one when it comes to safety, reliability and cleanliness.

Are you a highly skilled automotive technician looking to make the move to a place that compensates you above PEI’s industry standards?  How about a place that encourages and enables you to continuously learn and expand your skillset, keeping up with all the new latest and greatest automotive technology? If this sounds like you, Township could be your new home.  Apply with us today!

Position Overview

  • Job Type: Automotive Service Technician, Red Seal Auto Mechanic,
  • Work Hours: Full Time/Monday-Friday 7AM-5PM
  • Salary: $50,000 - $100,000
  • Training for the Position: Ongoing training provided
  • Physical Requirements: Regularly carrying and lifting heavy vehicle parts, standing for long periods of time.
  • Education: Automotive Red Seal Certification
  • Experience: 10 years in the automotive service industry.  Manufacturer training would be considered an asset.
  • Other: Valid Drivers License


Tire & Oil Change Technician Needed to Drive Higher Standards

The Tire & Oil Change Technician we’re looking to add to our team is a service minded team player who has a strong sense of duty and a passion for accuracy.  The selfless, process-oriented individual methodically handles each task, following processes and ensuring perfection in everything they do.  Are you a creature of habit that thrives at performing repetitive activities with precision and are still adaptable to disruption and change throughout your day?  Would you consider yourself a conscientious technical problem solver when it comes to the quality of your work and the safety and reliability of customer’s vehicles? If this is you, you sound exactly what we’re looking for.

The Tire & Oil Change Technicians at Township are very particular and handle every vehicle that goes through the service department as if it was their own.  Regularly scheduled maintenance like oil changes, tire changes, brake services, multi-point health inspections and more all thoroughly performed to perfection, leaving no loose bolts untightened.  Our Tire & Oil Change Technicians are masters of their craft and can execute their work consistently, flawlessly and at a steady, predicable pace.

When not busy with routine services, you could be found working on expanding your skills by training, lending a hand to another technician or performing general maintenance and tidying up around the shop.

We have processes in place and sure-fire methods to our madness but we’ll bring you right up to speed on how we do things at Township.  If you’re looking for a stable, predictable, harmonic work environment that allows you to hone in on your talents and execute them to perfection each and everyday, apply to work with us.

Position Overview

  • Job Type: Tire & Oil Change Technician, Tire & Lube Technician, Express Technician
  • Work Hours: Full Time (Mon-Friday 7AM-5PM)
  • Salary: $15.40 - $20/hour
  • Training: On the job and ongoing training provided
  • Physical Requirements: Regularly carrying and lifting heavy wheels and tires.  Standing for extended periods of time.
  • Education: High School or GED
  • Experience: 3-5 years minimum
  • Other: Valid Drivers License
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