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How can EV’s and EV Charging systems help harden our grid?

Once again, we have been hit by a major storm that has left many Islanders without
power. This was the strongest low-pressure storm ever to hit Canadian soil. If we 
take a look at which communities were able to restore their local grid in the 
quickest time, we will find that places like Summerside and Alberton, both of whom 
have their own community based micro grids were in a better position to re-
establish services quite quickly.
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Electric Vehicle Information

An environmentally friendly option, with lower operating and maintenance costs than non-electric vehicles, an increasing number of makes and models, and more charging stations being installed among many major routes in Canada, electric vehicles are becoming a more popular choice among car buyers. To top it off, Canada has a “clean” energy grid meaning drivers of electric vehicles are decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. 

With drivers looking for greener options, companies like GM and Tesla are making big plans to release a wider range of electric vehicles among their brands. 


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